Help our team get to Chess Nationals!

Our Rook Stars play in tournaments around NYC all year long, in preparation for a trip to Nashville, TN where they compete in the Scholastic National Chess Championship. In 2017, led by Coach Stephanie Ballom, the K-8 U750 team finished 12th in the US, and our K-6 U1000 team finished 10th!  This is a competitive bunch!  All money you donate to the team goes towards registration fees, hotel rooms, and food for the team, the coach, and some chaperones. Thank you in advance for supporting our Rook Stars! 

Three ways to donate:
*When donating,  please mention the name of the Rook Star you are supporting, if applicable. 
**Adam Crawford/Carla Licavoli= Team Coordinators

You can also order a hat or t-shirt just email to order any items listed on our shop page.